Catwalk Highlights: Ralph Lauren and Victoria Beckham

Ralph Lauren and Victoria Beckham are my two absolutely favourite collections from New York Fashion Week!

Ralph Lauren focuses on classic lines military style. Colours are mainly black and white with some claret and blue and for fabrics we can see lots of black leather, velvet and fur. Bolero jackets, mini leather skirts, oversixed coats, cossak pants and dresses rich of velvet followed by some elegant evening gowns. Details such as little berets and bows around the neck are presented.

Key items:

silk bow ties, military jackets, leather skirts, oversized blouses, high-waisted skinny flared skirts



Victoria Beckham – simple, but elegant, having London as an inspiration! We can notice the oversized elements here as well – the oversized coats and blouses. Black, electric and dark blue, beige and grey are the colours she emphasized on.  A mix of sporty jacket with a pencil skirt and a subtle mixture of fabrics – tweed, plaid ans checked.

Key items:

wide-sleeved tunic tops, pencil and A-line skirts, soft tailored coats


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