About me

13Fashion has always fascinated me.  At the beginning, what attracted me most was the models, the photo shoots and the catwalks because I sincerely desired to become a model myself. I took part in a few photo shoots, some of them in my parents’ company ”New Style”. But as I started attending the fashion design course – ‘Design 54’ I found out that what stands behind the glamorous pages of fashion magazines is hard effort, willingness and a strive for professionalism. I covered two levels and gained the certificates for them at the Fashion course ”Design 54”. The studies there included History of Costume, Sketching for Fashion – drawing techniques, Technology of Garments – theory and practice. I stumbled upon people who shared my interests and just like me were exploring their own way to fashion. I realized that what I really want was to study every single aspect of the fashion world and analyze it in depth. I want to create beautiful things and leave a trace in this fast-developing competitive world called fashion.

Two years ago I had my first exhibition with my friend Bilyana Karadzhova. We presented our sketches and some other compositions to an audience of nearly 100 people. We both were so excited because that was our first step into the world of fashion. We created something so beautiful and unique that broadened my fashion experience even more. The moment when you see something that you created with so much love and passion is unforgettable!

In the summer of 2012 I had the most amazing experience in my life that I will never forget.  I had my first fashion show – R collection. I created my catalogue with 20 designs earlier in the same year in my course ”Design 54”. Eventually, I had the chance to realize my project and to turn it into a real fashion show! After months of hard work and preparation – my friends and my teacher from ’Design 54’ and I composed something incredible – R Collection Fashion Show! I had 12 models, a team of 10 people each one of them with a different task for the big day, 5 photographers and of course a presenter. The garments were so special not only because of the design and the shape, but also because of the fact that I designed my own patterns and then turned them into real fabrics!

I am currently studying Fashion Marketing and Business Management at London Metropolitan University in London and I really like it. Recently I attended a short course at Central Saint Martins –  University of the Arts for Fashion Sketchbook. I had an amazing experience and I also learned some new techniques there. From now on I am simply ready to embark upon new challenges!


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